Life in Duct Work

Life doesn’t necessarily get brighter at the paint shop…in fact, they get duller. During my time as a painter, I realized that there a lot of colors. In particular, there were a lot of colors that we weren’t using. Mind you I wasn’t an artist by any means, I was the painter you see mudding […]

Now the Snow Falls!

So after posting about a surprising lack of snow literally last night, I happened to wake up to a winter wonderland. I guess I am at odds with the environmental universe that surrounds us lately. I remember at the beginning of October I made the fiendish mistake of predicting that winter snowfall would start the […]

That New England Breeze

Coming back to mid-Maine, after a weekend hooray with my family, I found an easing chill in the air. This lead to snugly plaid blankets and the early onset of my hot cocoa addiction. My supplies had dwindled surprisingly since my last resupply. I shall have to fix that! Along with the coming of a […]

Fly Season

It’s been in magazines, newspapers, thrown around the lunch tables at work and even around your dinner tables! This would be the topic of fly season, though in Maine this has more of a double meaning to it. During this time fishing lures aren’t the only types of “flies” we’ll be seeing but I will […]

Out of Stater’s Guide

    The further north you travel in Maine, I have learned, the further into the country you find yourself. By this I mean the further you delve into what we see as a “red neck country.” -By this I mean no offense, From farmer’s tans, four wheeling, fishing, dairy barns, to bears. I crossed up […]

Groceries and Other Expenses

There is a plethora of food options at any of our given grocery stores. During the early parts of this week, when I finally made my venture back to Maine, I figured I should buy some if I expected to actually survive because as we all know food and better yet, grocery shopping is a necessity. […]

Summer Travels

Straight from the dorms home to the apartment lifestyle. That’s how the beginning of this summer plays out. Being an out-of-state-student really takes the toll on your tires. Last Wednesday I began my freeway frenzy with a six hour drive back to CT. I’ll be back to Maine in a week, then a bit later […]